Create A Family Friendly Rental Property For You Tenants

Dated: 10/08/2018

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Location of the rental property is a big factor on how appealing your rental property is to potential tenants. 

Here some factors to consider when investing:


Make sure all the hardware is working and the house is secured on your rental properties. Allow your tenants to request additional safety latches, door locks if they prefer. Outdoor lighting will help with security. Make sure windows are operable and handrails are tighten and all Smoke detectors are in place and working. 

Neighborhood info

Provide potential tenants with schools and daycare center in the area with reviews. Help them find nearest healthcare facilities, police department, fire department to get them familiarized with the neighborhood. 

Pet policy

Most family with pets will opt for a rental property that will allow their fur babies. This will increase the number of family interested in your rental. Pets will be noisy and can be destructive, so make sure to charge a monthly fee on top of you pet deposit for wear and tear.

Cleanliness and Maintenance

Make sure you re-paint and re-carpet and clean up all the appliances before any showings. Even the landscaping should be looking good. Do not underestimate the power of perceived safety that comes with a well maintained house.  

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