Money Saving Tips On Renovations

Dated: 09/12/2018

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There is always a project or new updates you like to make to your house. Save money on your remodel with these tips. 

Online Shopping: This also comes with risk -  product could look different than in the pictures, items can arrive damaged, unexpected shipping cost - but it certainly give you more options to choose from. 

Ask for Discounts: Talk to your neighbors and friends to see if they are thinking about renovating and safe money on bulk orders. Paying cash can also get a discount, just need to ask. 

Look for deals: stores often sell discontinued or overstocked items for a large discount. Make sure you calculations are right and get a little extra materials for mess ups. You can also find great deals at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore outlet. 

Do it yourself: If you are handy and with the right tools you can safe money on labor cost. Have the professional do the hard work and you can take over the smaller, easier task.  Some project you can tackle yourself without any help and only pay for materials. 

Youtube is very helpful with instruction on how to do anything around the house. 

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